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First time on a kayak: all you should know

First time on a kayak: all you should know

Kayaking in Venice is one of the most incredible experience you can have in a city built on the water. But, if it’s your first time on a kayak, you should know a couple of things before starting paddling around and have a safe tour with us.

1. Kayaks are stable but don’t forget they are boats

If you are afraid to sit on a kayak, you’ll be happy to know that is extremely stable. You won’t fall into the water, on the contrary, you’ll be rock by the quiet flow of the Venetian lagoon. Of course, you don’t have to stick out of the boat.

2. You only have to things to learn

Kayaking is easy to learn, actually the only two things you have to keep in mind is how to paddle.

To go straight you have to paddle on both sides, alternatively, to turn right you have to paddle on your left and vice-versa. Simple, isn’t it?

3. Kayaking is for everyone, even for kids

If you would like to experience a day on a kayak in Venice with your kids, you’ve nothing to worry about.

You can rent a double 2-person tandem kayak, let your kid sit on the back with a life vest, and start your tour.

4. Gondolas have always precedence

When you paddle throughout the Venetian canals, there are rules to respect. Gondolas have always precedence, no matter where you are.  All you have to do is put your kayak on a side and let them overtake you.

5. It’s easier if you sit in the front

For your first time on a kayak, we suggest you take a tandem kayak with a member of our staff since sitting in the front is less hard than in the back.

The person who sits in the rear is the one who directs the kayak and paddle harder.

As your first time on a kayak, you could start with a standard tour and a private tour. But if you feel like experiencing Venice by night on the water, go ahead with our night tour.

Don’t let your fears win. It will be an amazing experience, that you’ll remember forever.

Kayaking in Venice with high tide: all you need to know

Kayaking in Venice with high tide: all you need to know

It’s not a mystery that, especially in winter, in Venice, there’s high tide. Everyone knows that Venice is called the floating city or (also) the flooding city. Don’t worry; the second one is barely true.

The high tide phenomenon is natural, and in Venice, it’s quite frequent during the coldest period of the year.

This is why we decided to dedicate a blog post to it. Kayaking in Venice with high tide hasn’t special precautions to take, but it’s always good to know what you are facing.

Kayaking in Venice with high tide: what you should know

As we said, if you’re kayaking in Venice, the high tide won’t affect your day. But, you have to be more careful.

During high tide, you can’t go everywhere, for example, you won’t be able to pass beneath St. Stefano Church, one of the 5 most beautiful spots in Venice that you can admire only by kayak.

There are many other things you should know about high tide and to let you know them, we will answer the most frequent questions about “acqua alta”.

How long does an acqua alta last?

Predicting how long high tide will last is easy, but only because the tide cycle is regulated by the moon.

Every six hours, the water grows up and goes down. Right after reaching its peak, which is basically when you see the water flooding the streets, the high tide starts decreasing.

How often does high tide occur?

Usually “acqua alta” occurs in winter, as we said, especially in November and December, but sometimes you can find it also in January and February.

Rarely it’s really high, but the lowest parts of Venice like St. Mark’s Square are the first ones to be covered by water.

Does Venice completely go under water when high tide occurs?

The answer is simple: no, it doesn’t.

The 97% of the town is at +100 centimeters above the sea level, which means that you should start getting worried only when the forecast indicates that the acqua alta will reach 140cm since it would be an exceptional height.

How to know if you find high tide or not during your holiday

Venetians are used to deal with high tide, and it’s part of their daily life in winter. Once you know when the high tide will be, you just need to get ready and keep living your day normally.

You can help yourself with the free Hi!tide app, which tells you in advance how high the water will be.

Kayaking in Venice with your kids: an unforgettable experience

Kayaking in Venice with your kids: an unforgettable experience

If you want to experience a day on a kayak, bring your kids along. Kayaking in Venice is absolutely safe, and your kids will love it.

We know that kayaking seems a dangerous sport, but if you respect a couple of rules, everything is going to be alright, even with your kids on board.

There are many reasons why you should try to kayak in Venice and many others to do it with your children.

If you don’t have any experience, we can teach you the fundamentals, and you’ll live a memorable experience on the water.

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Kayaking with your kids: better a single or double kayak?

This might be the first question you ask yourself once you’ve decided to experience Venice on a kayak with your family. The answer is: depend.

If your kid has never paddled before or he/she’s under 8, it’s probably better to use a double kayak. On a double kayak, the person who sits in the back is the one who has to guide the kayak; this is why we usually suggest the more expert to sit there.

If your children had a previous kayaking experience and they are 14 years old, at least, they can take a single kayak and live this experience autonomously.

When a kid can go in a kayak

Even if we said that kayaking in Venice is safe, it’s important that your kid loves staying in contact with water and can swim.

Your children will wear a lifejacket too, but it’s fundamental that he/she’s not afraid of water and respect what the teacher says for his/her safety.

Why kayaking in Venice with kids

Paddling among Venetian canals with your kids, exploring a unique city with them, discovering its most hidden corners is something you won’t forget, an experience that will last forever in your hearts and lives.

Share an hour with your kids doing something new and exciting will make you know them better, and give you the chance to make them happy to spend a moment with you.

We suggest you choose a daytime tour, instead of a night tour, since with the daylight, it’s easier to navigate and prevent potential inconveniences with other boats or gondolas.

An instructor will be with you for the whole tour anyway, and you won’t have to worry about anything.

Join us in the Vogalonga 2017!

Join us in the Vogalonga 2017!

Have you ever seen the Vogalonga? It’s a non-competitive rowing regatta in Venice, where everyone can participate.

The Vogalonga is now at its 43rd edition and will take place on Sunday, June 4. Any kind of rowboat can participate, there are no limits in terms of weight, size and numbers of rowers.
This amateur race has no winners at the end of the 30km that have to be covered, so you don’t have to be a professional rower. Read more »

Top 10 things to do in Venice

Top 10 things to do in Venice

In a city full of history and things to see as Venice, deciding what to visit can be hard if you have just a couple of days.

Venice is an incredible city, with thousands of things to see at every corner but which are those that you must see during your vacation? We have selected the top 10 things to do in Venice for you so you can make the most of your trip without missing a thing. Read more »

Sunset in Venice: the best places to watch it on a kayak

Sunset in Venice: the best places to watch it on a kayak

If kayaking in Venice during the daylight hours is an experience you won’t forget, doing it at sunset will go beyond your expectations.

Sunset in Venice is amazing. Let’s imagine the sun reflecting its colors on the water, the sky turning red with some shades of pink and orange and and an absolute quiet all around.

During our night tour on a kayak, we are going to discover Venice at sunset. When most of the boats are not circulating and people are going home.

Silence will paddle with you around the city and you will see the real essence of Venice. Read more »

5 Beautiful spots you can only see by kayak in Venice

5 Beautiful spots you can only see by kayak in Venice

Venice is a city built on water and as you may know, during the Serenissima Republic, the main entrance of all its beautiful buildings were built facing the canals.

In the days of the Serenissima Republic, nobles used to travel around Venice in a gondola, while servants used to go on foot. This is basically the reason why the most beautiful spots of Venice are those on the water. If you visit Venice on a vaporetto, you won’t be able to see the most hidden beauty of the city. On the other hand, if you paddle in Venice, you will see the entire concealed splendor that can only be seen from the canals. Read more »