Standard Tour

100 minutes


85€ now 75€/person
1 person minimum

Kayaking through the canals and the main routes, this trip will give you the opportunity to admire the architectural wonders of the city centre and its surroundings.

kayak guided tours

Private Tour

100 minutes


120€ now 110€/person
2 people minimum

This tour is for those people who want to live a totally private tour. The tour guides will show you the most intimate canals and the most beatiful glimpses of Venice.

kayak guided tours in Venice

Night Tour

100 minutes


110€ now 100€/person
1 people minimum

Experience the enchanting atmosphere of Venice by night. Away from the crowd and the traffic, you will be truly able to experience the real essence of Venice. You will be guided through the most picturesque views of the city, moving across the Grand Canal.

kayak guided Night Tour

We offer:

  • Kayak omologato Homologated Kayak
  • Pagaia ergonomica Ergonomic paddle
  • Paraspruzzi Anti splash guard
  • Giubbino salvagente Life Vest
  • Accompagnatore Qualified Instructor (English Language)

We DON'T offer:

  • Pasti e bevande Complete meals
  • Indumenti tecnici Technical clothings
  • Assistenza e trasporto Assistance and transport to our location