Kayaking in Venice has never been easier

The best Venice Kayak Tours with locals

Kayaking in Venice | Standard Tour

Standard Venice Kayak Tours

100 minutes

85€ now 75€/person
1 person minimum

Our Standard Kayak tour in Venice takes a couple of hours and it will give you the opportunity to see those architectural details that you wouldn’t be able to notice from the ground.

Kayaking in Venice | Private Tours

Private Venice Kayak Tours

100 minutes

120€ now 110€/person
2 people minimum

If you wanna have more privacy and experience Venice with just your friends, you can opt for our Private Kayak tour in Venice. You will always experience Venice from a new point of view, it’s just more intimate.

Kayaking in Venice | Night Tours

Night Venice Kayak Tours

100 minutes

110€ now 100€/person
1 person minimum

Venice by night is a miracle, it seems stuck in the middle of another century. Our Night Kayak Tour in Venice has been thought for who want to see Venice without noise around and listen to the sound of the water.