10 kayaking tips you should know

10 kayaking tips you should know

Kayaking in Venice is easier than you think, but you have to respect some water traffic regulations.
You have to consider that Venice canals are like roads in a common city, to go around you need to know its rules. Here’s some useful kayaking tips that will make your kayak experience easy and freeweeling.

1. Don’t lean over the kayak

When you are sitting down in a kayak, your hips are fixed to the boat and your back is upright.
If you lean over the kayak, the risk is that the boat turns too much and you fall into the water.

2. Stay on the right side of the canal

If you are paddling around small canals you have to keep right, but if you meet a rowing boat you have to move on the left side of the canal. If you are kayaking in the Grand Canal, you have to keep right too. Easy, isn’t it?

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3. Stay always behind the instructor

Kayaking in Venice is something you don’t experience everyday, especially because this city is unique and with specific traffic regulations. Please stay behind your instructor during the guided tour, in order to avoid any unpleasant inconvenience.

4. Boats and gondolas

Boats will always be on your right, gondolas on your left. If you remember that you won’t have any problem.
Give priority to both of them.

5. Say “Oeh” before turning a corner

In order to let other boats know about your presence, before turning any corner left or right, say “Oeh” loudly.

6. Wear a life jacket

If you go on a kayak, wearing a life jacket is mandatory.

7. Rowing boats can go everywhere

Be aware of the fact that rowing boats can literally go everywhere, even against the flow. Always keep your eyes open.

8. Keep a safe distance

As you keep a safe distance when driving, you have to keep it when kayaking.

9. Never try to overtake another boat

You are paddling a kayak and you are enjoying a guided tour in Venice, don’t try to overtake any boat you meet on your way, it’s absolutely unsafe.

10. Don’t throw anything away

Respecting a fragile city as Venice is extremely important. Please, don’t throw anything away from the kayak into the canals.

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