5 Beautiful spots you can only see by kayak in Venice

5 Beautiful spots you can only see by kayak in Venice

Venice is a city built on water and as you may know, during the Serenissima Republic, the main entrance of all its beautiful buildings were built facing the canals.

In the days of the Serenissima Republic, nobles used to travel around Venice in a gondola, while servants used to go on foot. This is basically the reason why the most beautiful spots of Venice are those on the water. If you visit Venice on a vaporetto, you won’t be able to see the most hidden beauty of the city. On the other hand, if you paddle in Venice, you will see the entire concealed splendor that can only be seen from the canals.

Are you ready to discover the most beautiful spots you can only see by kayak in Venice?

1. Ca’ Pesaro

Ca Pesaro is one of the most impressive palace on the Grand Canal. Getting there by kayak gives you an understanding into the noble’s real everyday life in Serenissima time.

You can stay in front of this palace, letting the water rock your kayak, in the silence of the night, in complete tranquility.

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2. The Accademia bridge

Usually you go over bridges, but have you ever thought about seeing them from below?

Kayaking along the Grand Canal you will pass beneath the Accademia bridge, once here, look up. From this point of view, you can understand its prominence.

Don’t miss the chance to take a photo to the Madonna della Salute Church.

3. Santo Stefano Church

Kayaking in Venice gives you the possibility to paddle underneath Santo Stefano Church. A navigable canal passes exactly underneath the altar of the church and you can easily reach it on a kayak. Boats cannot go through this passage, kayaks, instead, can always cross it except when the high tide is reaching an elevated level.

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4. Guggenheim Museum

Guggenheim Museum is known all over the world, but few people know that this is an incomplete building. If you look at it from your kayak, you will notice the difference between the Guggenheim and the other palaces of the Grand Canal. It is the only building with a single floor, the ground floor.

You won’t notice this distinction if you only go into the museum to see pictures and sculptures.

5. Hidden canals

Venice has been built on islands, so you will quickly realize how many hidden canals and spots are compose this city.

You can’t say you’ve seen Venice until you see it from the water ~

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Most of the canals in Venice are narrow and away from the Grand Canal. Each of them can show you a different and new perspective Venice.

Venice has a lot of beautiful other spots that you can see from a kayak, such as the Arsenale or the lagoon itself. Kayaking is for a curious people, so the question is: are you curious enough?

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