5 reasons to kayak in Venice at least once in your life

5 reasons to kayak in Venice at least once in your life

There are so many adventures and activities that you can do in Venice and on its canals. You can take a vaporetto, you can get a gondola ride, you can walk all around the city, but you also can kayak throughout its canals.

We know that it could sound a bit unusual at first, but before excluding this possibility, be aware that there are at least 5 reasons to kayak in Venice at least once.

1. Venice’s roads are canals

Venice is built on the water and from the very beginning the only way to go around here was by using a boat. Venice is not really that different from a traditional city, its canals are its roads and instead of using a car people travel by a boat.


All the buildings in Venice have the original main entrance on the water, this is because Venetian were as used to taking their private gondola as we are used to taking our car to all the places we go everyday.

Kayaking in Venice is the only way to deeply understand how the real life in Venice was.

2. An alternative view of Venice

We are no longer accustomed to thinking about Venice as a city conceived on the water, mainly because nowadays people walk instead of taking a private gondola to go everywhere.

As we are always looking for hidden corners and beautiful spots in any city around the world, if you want to have an alternative view of Venice you need to discover its canals.


Since kayaks are the only kind of boat that can go everywhere in Venice, if you want to truly explore the canals, it is essential for you to take a ride!

3. Sport, tradition and Venetianity

All the three of us are Venetian. We love our city and we love kayaking, we would like to make you see Venice through our eyes and through our heart.

Kayaking in Venice with us means melding tradition, sport, and Venetianity with a unique perspective of our city on the water.


4. It’s a slow tourism experience

We all know how slow tourism is important, especially in a fragile city like Venice. Kayaking is an ecologically way to visit one of the most beautiful city in the world, without polluting the air and the water.

5. Everyone can go on a kayak

Kayaking in Venice is not like sea kayaking, it’s easier and everyone can do it. If you have never tried to paddle, don’t worry, you will learn quickly.

We will be your guide. You will discover Venice with a local Venetian in its most traditional way and, if you don’t know how to kayak, you will learn a new sport.

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