Best places to view Redentore fireworks on a boat

Best places to view Redentore fireworks on a boat

If you are coming to Venice in July, on the third Saturday of the month you cannot miss one of the most important feasts of the year: the Redentore feast.
This is a very special day for Venetians since the whole city celebrates the anniversary of the end of a terrible plague, which killed several people during the Serenissima Republic.
After a long day of preparation, Venetians take their decorated boats and dock them in the St. Mark’s Basin, right in front of St. Mark’s Square and Doge’s Palace.
But, what are the best places to view Redentore fireworks on a boat? Here are our suggestions.

best places to view redentore fireworks in venice

1. St. Mark’s Basin

Of course, the first place to view the Redentore firework show is St. Mark’s Basin. If you have your own boat, we suggest you go there in advance, at least before 7 pm, instead, you’re not going to find a place where to dock your boat.
If you are thinking about watching the fireworks from a kayak, staying here is not a good idea. Especially because all the boats are moving away right after the show.

2. Behind Giudecca Island

Another place to watch the firework performance is behind Giudecca Island, where you can still find some privacy.
This place is fine if you are on a kayak too since there are less confusion and fewer boats.

Redentore fireworks venice

3. San Giorgio Island

You can also consider the idea of docking your boat on San Giorgio Island, giving you the chance to walk a bit before the Redentore fireworks start. Be aware that you can’t dock your boat on the west side of the island, because of security reasons.

4. On Giudecca Island

Even if we have formerly suggested you staying behind Giudecca island, docking here is a good idea too. On Giudecca Island, like in other parts of Venice, Venetians usually have dinner out with some friends on Rendentore.

Tradition dictates that the Redentore feast has to be spent together, eating traditional homemade food, sitting on at some tables, Venetians put on the edge of the fondamanta.
You’ll be right next to them if you dock here your boat, enjoying some local party.

Now that we have revealed the best places where to view Redentore fireworks, are you still wondering where to go?

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