The best time to visit Venice and what to do from Kayak to food

The best time to visit Venice and what to do from Kayak to food

Venice, Italy becomes a mecca in the summer months. Huge crowds of tourists pour into Venice, cramming the canal boats and inflating prices everywhere. The best hotel prices and the least number of other visitors come during the cold months of November through February. February’s a bit of an exception, as cool weather or not, thousands of people turn up to watch and participate in the annual Carnival. Some of the sites close to the public, or close early in winter, so if you have a lengthy bucket list, then summer would be the best time for you. So, what is the best time to visit Venice?

Best places and the best time to visit them in Venice, Italy

St. Mark’s Square sits atop the main list of places to visit in Venice. Not only is the architecture stunning, but the pigeons flock there as well. In the times of high tides, the square may even flood, making for unusual photos.

The gorgeous DogesPpalace is in the square as well and in the cold months, at least, you won’t be pestered by as many peddlers in the area. During the Carnival (Carnevale) in February, the bistros and cafe’s offer places to sit and people-watch the crowds making merry.

Of course, one place to visit in Venice, Italy even if you don’t need to buy anything, is the Rialto Market. You can catch a water taxi to the Rialto Bridge area and then stroll the market. Fresh produce and seasonal fish and meat provide delicious ingredients for Venetians as it has done for hundreds of years.

Best places to eat in Venice, Italy and the best time to visit them

All’Arco restaurant is small, busy all year, and increasingly popular. Sometimes, you may end up eating standing up. But it brings the best of the Venetian lifestyle to the fore. It’s ideal to grab a quick meal. Their chicchetti comes highly recommended. Delicious sandwiches and tasty wine for lunch go down a treat. The restaurant’s located close to the Rialto Bridge.

The Osteria Trefanti restaurant offers good meals at a reasonable price. It’s open Tuesdays through Saturday and opens for lunch and dinner. If you like seafood, you won’t be disappointed. The restaurant has a good wine list as well. You can find it at Rio Marin, 888, 30135 Venice, Italy.

Grab and go when you visit Bacareto Da Lele. It’s not a place to sit and eat, but rather a place to get shoulder to shoulder with the locals. Lots of students grab a meal there and then wander off to sit on the steps to eat. Recommended as the cheapest meal in town, try their wine and miniature sandwiches. They are filled with delicious things like pancetta or salami, mushrooms, and bell peppers. Try a panini on the way to the water taxi stop. Find them at Campo dei Tolentini 183, Venice.

Water activities like taking a kayak tour in Venice

Get out on the water on a Venice Sunset Cruise in a Venetian boat. Il Bragozzo – Local boats in Venice offer a two-hour cruise over the Venetian Lagoon and St Mark’s Basin. Enjoy a prosecco as the fading sun bathes the beautiful city in sunset colors. Your guide is very knowledgeable, and this is a perfect way to see the city in comfort.

Kayaking is another way to experience the ‘real’ Venice. The pleasure about kayaks is that they are easy to paddle, and can get into the smaller canals you normally wouldn’t venture through. Excellent reviews on a number of travel sites suggest that this is the highlight of a Venice tour. And yes, even at high tide, you can still paddle on the tour. Real Venetian Kayak also offers night tours, which opens up a whole new world. The activity is eco-friendly and you may join a group or a private tour with their expert guides.

Any time is a good time to visit Venice in Italy. However, if you don’t enjoy large crowds, then the colder months should suit you. Overall, prices come cheaper in the winter months as well. But, take along warm clothes as the weather gets cold. Without the crowds, an added advantage is that you get to experience Venice in Italy the way the locals do.

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