Can You Kayak The Canals Of Venice, Italy, During High Tide?

Can You Kayak The Canals Of Venice, Italy, During High Tide?

Venice tours and vacations attract people because of the canals. Gondolas, boating of all kinds, including kayaking are top attractions to the ancient city. When the high tides arrive, most often in November and December, visitors to the city may become apprehensive due to the flooding. Most years, however, these bring no danger at all. In fact, the high tides add extra adventure to your visit and it is possible to kayak.

Venice high tides are natural events

Venice high tides are not actually caused by floods as you would expect in any other city in Italy. However, the weather can affect how high they rise. Known as the acqua alta, the annual events actually cause only a small bit of inconvenience. Never would the whole city become inundated. In fact, most days, the high tides only stay for a few hours and then subside again.

Some people may patiently wait for the waters to recede before heading out. Others might prefer to buy some Venetian boots and wade around. St. Mark’s is especially beautiful during the tides, making for unusual photo opportunities. Yet others will see this as an opportunity to kayak, and enjoy the tides in a completely different way.

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Paddling around Venice is a timeless tradition

While you might think kayaking is an odd way to explore Venice, recall that Venetians have been rowing boats around for over a thousand years. Now, thanks to the idea of eco-friendly kayaking catching on in Venice, there are professional tours offered. And yes, high tide is one of the best times to explore.

Tour Venice and experience the life of Venetians

Modern Venice canals are neither foul or stinking. When the high tide comes in, just as the Venetians have done for 1,300 years, you may carry on and go about your business by boat. In your kayak, you will be able to explore the city in a most authentic way – at sea-level.

When the tide is high, you may have to duck down under bridges and archways, but the smaller side canals are quiet and peaceful. With your professional guide, you don’t even need to worry about where you may or may not take a kayak. They will take you places others would stay away from altogether.

So, if you take a Venice tour, make sure to put a kayak trip on your bucket list. If it’s high tide, what a better way to explore than taking a leisurely trip to places other visitors may never get to see.


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