Contact Us & FAQ

How can I book and pay my tour?
You can pre-book your tour on our website, where you will be asked to chose the date and the type of your tour. You will receive a confirmation email, in which we will confirm the availability of the chosen date. In order to secure your tour, you will be asked an initial prepayment of 20 euro per person, while the final payment (cash or credit card) will be finalized at the RVK premises.

Can I cancel my reservation?
Yes you can but please bear in mind that we will keep your deposit as prepayment penalty.

What happens in case of bad weather?
If the tour is cancelled due to the weather conditions, you will be notified within one hour before the scheduled departure time, and you will be fully refunded of your prepayment deposit. Please note that you will be notified via phone call, so you are kindly asked to pay attention while inserting your contact number, or we will not be able to contact you. Shouldn’t you don’t receive any notification from RVK, you are kindly required to show up at the RVK premises as scheduled.

I have never used a kayak before. Can I take part to the tour?
Yes you can. You don’t have to be an athlete to enjoy our tours, however please consider that a minimum physical effort is required.

At what time does the tour start?
The beginning of the standard tour is subjected to seasonal variation. On March and October it usually starts at 3 p.m., In April, May and September it starts at 4 p.m., in June, July and August the tour starts between 5 and 6 p.m. Morning tours start between 9 and 10. Night tours will always starts 30 minutes before the sunset. The beginning of the extended tour will be negotiated according to the client requirements. Please note that different hours can be negotiated according to the clients’ needs.

How should I dress for the tour?
As climate conditions may change according to the season, we suggest you to bring t-shirt, shorts and flip flops in the summertime and to dress up with a fleece and a parka in the cooler months.

How can I reach the RVK premises?
Directions are clearly explained on Google Maps, please make sure you digit “Real Venetian Kayak” on your browser and you will easily find us.

What do I see during the tour?
The itinerary will be designed by the instructor in order to match the needs of the clients while taking into account the weather conditions.

Can minors take part to the tours?
The main goal of RVK is ensure a safe guided tour to its clients. Kids between 6 and 18 can take part to the tour, but can only sharing a double-kayak with their parents or the instructors (i.e.: they are not allowed to kayak solo).

Are the tours private?
Normally a tour allows up to six people to experience Venice by this unique perspective. As a consequence, you might share this experience with other clients in order to achieve the minimum number of six participants.

Do the instructors speak English?
Yes, all of our instructors speak English.