Traditional feasts in Venice

A lot of feasts in Venice are connected with water, for example Redentore and Regatta Storica. Have you ever thought about experiencing these traditional feasts in Venice on a kayak? That’s something you definetely have to try!

Redentore Feast is a very important day for Venitians. It was born to thank God for getting Venice free of the terrible plague that affected the city in 1576. From that moment on, during the third Saturday night of July, Venitians prepare their boats with decorations to spend the evening in Bacino San Marco and watch amazing fireworks at midnight.
Bacino San Marco is usually very crowded on Redentore day, but being very careful you can still paddle around and watch the fireworks from your kayak, seeing their wanderful colors reflected on the water right beside you.

Regatta Storica is another important feast in Venice. It is probably the most folkloristic one, since it is featured by a boat parade that commemorates the arrival of Caterina Cornaro in 1489. 16th century-style boats with people wearing typical costumes will go through the Gran Canal. You will be able to see all of this from your kayak. But you must first get to a specific point before 3pm, before the area will be closed by the police for security reasons.

Venice Carnival is know all over the world. However few people think about living it on a Kayak, paddling around the canals wearing a mask and being photographed by the people watching over the bridges.
Carnival is something you cannot miss and usually takes place around the end of January and the beginning of February.

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