First time on a kayak: all you should know

First time on a kayak: all you should know

Kayaking in Venice is one of the most incredible experience you can have in a city built on the water. But, if it’s your first time on a kayak, you should know a couple of things before starting paddling around and have a safe tour with us.

1. Kayaks are stable but don’t forget they are boats

If you are afraid to sit on a kayak, you’ll be happy to know that is extremely stable. You won’t fall into the water, on the contrary, you’ll be rock by the quiet flow of the Venetian lagoon. Of course, you don’t have to stick out of the boat.

2. You only have two things to learn

Kayaking is easy to learn, actually the only two things you have to keep in mind is how to paddle.

To go straight you have to paddle on both sides, alternatively, to turn right you have to paddle on your left and vice-versa. Simple, isn’t it?

3. Kayaking is for everyone, even for kids

If you would like to experience a day on a kayak in Venice with your kids, you’ve nothing to worry about.

You can rent a double 2-person tandem kayak, let your kid sit on the back with a life vest, and start your tour.

4. Gondolas have always precedence

When you paddle throughout the Venetian canals, there are rules to respect. Gondolas have always precedence, no matter where you are.  All you have to do is put your kayak on a side and let them overtake you.

5. It’s easier if you sit in the front

For your first time on a kayak, we suggest you take a tandem kayak with a member of our staff since sitting in the front is less hard than in the back.

The person who sits in the rear is the one who directs the kayak and paddle harder.

As your first time on a kayak, you could start with a standard tour and a private tour. But if you feel like experiencing Venice by night on the water, go ahead with our night tour.

Don’t let your fears win. It will be an amazing experience, that you’ll remember forever.

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