Kayaking in Venice

Venice has no roads, as you know, you can not drive a car here. You have to walk or live in the city as original Venitians used to do: with a boat, through its canals.
Kayaking in Venice is a way to see the city from its real side, paddling among the canals, that are used like roads in a normal town.
Venitians built Venice on several islands. That are connected to each other through many bridges, and crossed by canals to reach every single part of the city. Venitian canals have different sizes. Some of them are large, and some are very narrow. Don’t worry however, with a guided kayak excursion you can experience both.
Enjoyining one of our kayak guided tours you will be close to the bases of the Venitian houses, and you will see a lot of doors facing the water. In fact Venice was built to be lived and seen from the water.


Venice and it’s water are living together. They have a conflictual relationship. If you think about the high tide, the Acqua Alta, that every year covers most of the places of the city.
Venice by kayak at high tide is a very unsual experience, because you can even paddle inside the city and not just throughout the canals. This allows you to see places you usually reach on foot.
The attraction between the sun and the moon causes the high tide, causing the water rises and fall every 6 hours.
If you want to have the perfect chance to experience this kayaking adventure, it would be best to come between October and January.