Kayaking in Venice: the most romantic spots

Kayaking in Venice: the most romantic spots

Venice is one of the most romantic cities in the world, even if you visit it on a kayak.

Even if you’re new to kayaking, you don’t have to think you can’t live this experience at its best. We wrote some kayaking tips you should read to reassure yourself.

Venice has infinite romantic around the city, and it won’t be difficult for you to find them out. But those you won’t be able to see, if you just walk through its streets, are the ones you can only see from the water.

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Kayaking in Venice is an unprecedented experience, where you’ll lose yourself looking at the shape of the Venetian palaces, reflecting on the water.

Let’ discover the most romantic spots you can see while you’re kayaking in Venice.

1. Beneath Rialto Bridge

The very first suggestive place we recommend you is Rialto Bridge. You can paddle along the Grand Canal, but be careful and always give priority the other boats.

Once you get to Rialto Bridge, put yourself and your kayak aside an enjoy eh view of the most beautiful sunset you’ve ever seen in your life. The frame of the biggest bridge in Venice will be perfect.

2. A hidden canal

Venice is a network of canals and you can’t imagine how many places and corner will astonish you during your itinerary.

Booking our Private Tour, you can ask the instructor to show you the most romantic spots in Venice, that only a kayakers can now and see.

Just an example? The beautiful garden of Albrizzi Palace. You can catch a sigh of it, by paddling through the canals near Ponte delle Tette.

3. Facing the Basilica of Madonna Della Salute

This is probably one of the most iconic churches in the whole Venice and reaching it by kayak is easy and extremely touching, especially at night.

Following the flew of the Grand Canal, you’ll get to its end where the Madonna della Salute church is: facing the St. Mark’s basin.

Kayaking in Venice

From here you’ll enjoy a 360° view of the Venetian Lagoon, including St. Mark’s Square and San Giorgio Maggiore island.

4. The Giudecca Canal

You have to come here at sunset. Watching the sun going down from the Giudecca Canal is something you can’t even dream, you must see it in person.

You might say that watching the sunset on a kayak or not, from this point of view is almost the same thing. But if you’re standing on Fondamenta Delle Zattere you won’t be surrounded the sunset colors, reflecting on the water.

Are you sure you don’t want to try?

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