Most romantic spots in Venice, why kayaking is the best way to find them

Most romantic spots in Venice, why kayaking is the best way to find them

Venice, Italy oozes romantic charm from any angle. But you don’t need to walk to all the attractions. Did you know that you can access romantic spots by kayaking? If you’re looking for romance, experienced tour guides who know the city intimately are on hand to take you to places you wouldn’t see otherwise. Discover the hidden gems of the floating city from a unique perspective. Inexpensive, cool, and great fun, kayaking Venice is one activity you should place at the top of your bucket list.

Venice by kayak – excellent reviews from travelers of all ages

Kayaking Venice doesn’t require massive fitness levels, and travelers of all ages enjoy the romance of exploring the ancient city. In winter, Real Venetian Kayak even supply you with appropriate clothing so you won’t feel cold as you row the charming canals, or head to the lagoon. Imagine sitting out on the lagoon in the fading light of day, or rowing past the apartments and grand homes lit up for the night. Travelers who did the kayak tours felt it delivered something completely unique, where the romantic soul of the city came alive for them.

Romantic spots in Venice, Italy

Famous romantic spots in Venice include the San Marco Square, and the Piazza San Marco with the Doges Palace and the clocktower. Other romantic must-do things include dining alfresco at a Waterfront Café or taking a ride on a gondola. Certainly, all of these should be on your itinerary. But perhaps the most romantic thing to do is sit in a kayak on the lagoon and see the entire montage of islands as you float inches above the mud that Venice is built upon.

Out there, in seemingly endless shallows, you can look upon the romantic city in silence. Nowhere else in the world can you float on the water and look back at a city where thousands of years of history still persist today.

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The north lagoon is a beauty!

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Kayaking – explore the romance of real Venice

Architecture, paintings, and mosaics, grand squares and monuments have romantic connotations. But, without people, there’s no soul, no love, and no romance. Real romance is found where real people live. With their dreams, their loves, their aspirations, and their culture, the people of Venice are probably the most romantic encounters you’ll have.

When you go on a kayak tour with Real Venetian Kayak, your professional guide takes you into the heart of real Venice. Paddle the narrow canals, and know that generations of people did the same thing for hundreds of years.

There, among the old buildings with a thousand tales to tell, the history of Venice is tangible, real, vivid. See the people as they go about their everyday business. Meandering along the backstreet canals of Venice in your kayak is a serene experience. Kayaking Venice, Italy is one way to guarantee you’ll fall in love with the most romantic city on Earth.

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