Rowing in Venice: experience Venice like a local

Rowing in Venice: experience Venice like a local

Even if rowing was basically the only way to get around the lagoon, a few people know that the Venetian rowing technique is unique.
Venetians invented this way of rowing a boat to cover long distances in less time, since they had to adapt their lives quickly to their new home, after the Hun’s invasion: the lagoon.
Rowing is really typical in Venice and if you want to try something local, this should be one of the things on your list.
Standing on a boat and holding an oar on an open oarlock might be difficult, but it’s also easy to learn.

Unfortunately, this traditional and unique technique is falling into disuse, but it keeps being the only way to experience Venice as the ancient Venetians used to live it.
Don’t you want to be like a gondolier for a day, rowing a gondola-like boat? Here are five reasons that will convince you!

It’s really typical

As we said, you won’t find this way of rowing in Venice anywhere else, just because it was invented here for a precise reason. This is an invitation to leave the most beaten paths and experience something new and out of the box.
It’s a way of living the city like a local
Lots of Venetians know how to row in Venice. Some of them learnt it at school, some others from their own family. It’s a tradition that passes on from one generation to another.
Our aim is also to help it survive, in a world where traditions are often replaced with innovations.
You’ll discover the ancient routes of Venetian people
During our rowing experience in Venice, we will go through the ancient ways that Venetians used to reach the islands which would have made Venice as we know it today.

You’ll see Venice under a new light

e are not getting tired of saying that Venice is a different city seen from a boat. Even kayaking you’ll have a different point of view, but rowing is the essence of Venice.
Imagine when you take a car and you see your city from your car windows, it looks differents doesn’t it? Now, think about Venice. No cars, no traffic, no car windows, just an oar, a boat and a unique setting, made by amazing buildings and romantic canals.

You’ll have the chance to stay fit on vacation

f you are afraid of putting some weight up during your stay in Venice, because of all the tasty little “cichetti” you tried, rowing in Venice is what can keep you fit.
If you see a gondolier rowing, riding a gondola seems the easiest thing in the world, but behind a striped t-shirt and a straw hat, there’s a trained body.
You won’t find a gym as beautiful as Venice, don’t you think?

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