Sunset in Venice: the best places to watch it on a kayak

Sunset in Venice: the best places to watch it on a kayak

If kayaking in Venice during the daylight hours is an experience you won’t forget, doing it at sunset will go beyond your expectations.

Sunset in Venice is amazing. Let’s imagine the sun reflecting its colors on the water, the sky turning red with some shades of pink and orange and and an absolute quiet all around.

During our night tour on a kayak, we are going to discover Venice at sunset. When most of the boats are not circulating and people are going home.

Silence will paddle with you around the city and you will see the real essence of Venice.

San Marco lagoon

We could not mention the best place ever to watch the sunset in Venice: San Marco lagoon. Getting there with a kayak is easy and once there you will be surrounded by thousands of shades reflecting on the water and outlining Venice skyline.


The Doge’s Palace will be kissed by the sun.

From San Marco lagoon you can see Saint George Island, Madonna della Salute Church and the Giudecca Island under another colors.

Murano Island

Watching the sunset from Murano Island on a kayak is completely different. From Murano you will see Fondamente Nuove and the back of Cannaregio area with the inflamed sun behind them.

San Michele Cemetery Island will be illuminated by the pink and the orange sunbeams, before falling in the dark.

Behind Giudecca Island

There is another place we love to watch the sunset in Venice: behind Giudecca Island, where you can enjoy the perfect silence of nature. You won’t see buildings, but the sun looking itself in the lagoon before going to sleep.


The color of the water changes, becoming gold with some trace of red.

Sunset in Venice is hard to describe and photos don’t do justice to it. The only way to really enjoy it is watching it in person.

We are waiting for you!

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