Top 10 things to do in Venice

Top 10 things to do in Venice

In a city full of history and things to see as Venice, deciding what to visit can be hard if you have just a couple of days.

Venice is an incredible city, with thousands of things to see at every corner but which are those that you must see during your vacation? We have selected the top 10 things to do in Venice for you so you can make the most of your trip without missing a thing.

1. Visit the Doge’s Palace


The most iconic palace in the whole city is the Doge’s Palace. This palace was the Doge’s house and the place where all the decisions were taken. The tour inside this astonishing building includes a visit to the prison building and you will cross the famous Bridge of Sighs.

2. Saint Mark’s Square and Church

Even if you are probably finding a lot of people here during the day, Saint Marko’s Square is definitely something you cannot miss. Visiting the Church is free, except for the crypt. Don’t miss the chance to see an entire ceiling full of golden mosaics.

3. Climb the Saint Mark’s Bell Tower


Another thing to do in Saint Mark’s Square is climbing the Bell Tower. It’s the highest one in the Venice. Thanks to an elevator you can get till the top and enjoy the view of Venice from the above.

4. Cross Rialto Bridge and buy something fresh at its market


Probably the most famous bridge in the world, Rialto bridge is the first bridge that was ever built on the Grand Canal. Step by the fish market during the morning and see a piece of everyday life in Venice.

5. Take a Grand Canal tour

All along the Grand Canal you will see the most beautiful palaces of the city. You can take a vaporetto, a gondola or a kayak with us!

6. Walk around Burano and Murano Island


Venice has several little islands around, but the most famous are Burano and Murano island. The former is known all around the world for its beautiful laces and the latter for the art of glass.

7. Spend a morning at the Accademia Galleries

There are many museums in Venice, but the Accademia Galleries is one of the richest. At the Accademia Galleries you will see Venetian paintings by Tintoretto, Canaletto and many more.

8. Discover the history of the Jewish Ghetto

The Jewish Ghetto in Venice was the first ghetto in Europe, here you can taste some typical dishes of the Jewish cuisine and visit up to 3 synagogues. The Jewish community of Venice is one of the most important of Italy.

9. Get lost in the city


Getting lost in Venice can be easy, don’t be afraid of it. Let the city guide you across its street, letting you discover the most hidden and beautiful places you won’t see if you just follow the signs.

10. Have a break with a typical aperol spritz and a “cicheto”

After a long day around, have a break at Birreria Zanon for a cicheto (something typical to eat) and a glass of wine or spritz.

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