Venice: how to lose weight while on vacation

Venice: how to lose weight while on vacation

When you come to Venice on vacation, putting some weight on is part of the game. Like the rest of Italy, Venice is a place where to taste a lot of different and yummy dishes, the problem is that you won’t say no to them.
How can you refuse a portion of a delicious fried fish or a piece of bread with a creamy baccalà mantecato? You can’t. But then, you have to deal with your scale.
So, the question is: how to lose weight on your vacation in Venice? Here’s some suggestions that will combine your willing to keep fit and your interest in seeing new things.

Rowing in Venice

Did you know that the Venetian rowing technique is unique in the world? That should be the first reason why you should try rowing for a day.
We’ve extensively talked about why rowing in Venice in another article we suggest you to read, but try to answer this question first: have you ever seen a fat gondolier? We haven’t.

rowing in venice lose weight on vacation

If you like the idea of experimenting something new, you can book a tour on a typical Venetian boat with us, at this link.

Kayaking in Venice

If you want to lose weight while on vacation in Venice, without too much effort, you can consider the idea of kayaking for an hour.
There are several reasons why kayaking in Venice is an experience you shouldn’t miss and one of them is that you’ll do some sport while discovering beautiful and hidden place among the Venetian canals. You won’t find a gym as suggestive and beautiful as Venice.

Kayaking in a city like Venice, where canals were and are the main communication routes, is unusual and extremely exciting. At this link you can reserve your sit and spend 100 minutes of your day with us.


If you are more like a running person, we suggest you to wake up early and start doing some jogging at dawn. Venice seems another city when it wakes up.
Nobody’s around, silence covers the city like a blanket on you bed and you can hear only the sound of you steps on a centenary pavement. It’s something amazing.

how to lose weight in venice

If you don’t feel like waking up so early, you can still join us in a free running tour, departing every day at 8:00am.
You can book it online and it’s completely free, it’s an occasion to do some healthy activity and lose some weight together, enjoying an unparalleled city.
We are waiting for you!

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